Flexible Accessories

Biopsy Forceps - single use

Standard or coated


  • oval fenestrated cups
  • variously with or without spike
  • four lengths available
  • single use only
  • separately packed sterile
  • Short Rigid Forceps Tips
  • Easy Passage through Angled Working Channels
  • Large Jaw Opening
  • Facilitates Tangential Biopsies
  • Spiked Versions Available
  • Controlled Sampling of Biopsy Tissue

Cleaning Brushes incl. valve brush


Among the singular product range of Endo technology we offer different brushes for the operating channel rank and two kinds of double sided cleaning brushes.
The current reporting over cases of cross contamination clarifies the necessity to ensure the unendangered usage of cleaning instruments and to take no risk
during the patient´s treatment regarding improperly prepared endoscopes.
Product properties like texturised catheters with high grasp security, particularly formed nylon bristles and gently rounded brush points offer our customer security
with maintenance of sensitive and expensive devices. Each instrument guarantees a maximum cleaning efficiency by lower costs.

  •  Texturised catheter with high grasp security
  •  Secure handling of wet, slippery instruments
  •  Soft, particularly formed nylon bristles
  •  Increased cleaning efficiency
  •  Rotund plastic tip
  •  Easier inserting of the brush into the long, sensitive biopsy channel and protection from scratches and damages
  •  Appropriate price level

Double cleaning brushes


By means of the first brush of this product you can retrieve tissue-odds out of the biopsy channel. With the second brush you can bring out remaining
contamination. This allows double cleaning in one process and means working facilitation.

  •  Two brushes clean the biopsy channel in half the time.
  •  Texturized catheters with grip for save handling of slippy instruments.
  •  Soft speacially shaped bristle made of nylon for better cleaning performance.
  •  Rounded tip made of plastic protecting the working channel against damage.
  •  The single-use avoids cross contamination between endoscopes and similar devices

Diathermic-snares - single use -



  •   Tight mounted ergonomic adaptive one hand handle
  •   Oval and hexagonal shareform
  •   Teflon tube
  •   Sterile packed in Peel-Package

ECO-Line Injectionneedle - single use -

The better alternative
Einmal Injektionsnadeln

Qualities and advantages

  • Luer-Lock in coaxial structure » Uncomplicated inject of sclerosant
  • Very easy locking mechanism » Safe needle-guide and needle-projection
  • High grip safeness by use of slip-proof handle » No complications even with wet surgical gloves
  • 15° cut of the stainless steel needle » Best puncture quality with minimal tissue injury
  • Sterile packed in Peel-Package » Safety and comfort
  • Disposable