A strong Partnership for your customerneeds

With our chinese Partner Sonoscape, from the industrial metropole shenzehn, we offer exclusively HD-Endoscope systems. Please note that we only distribute the systems in Germany. If you have any inquiry from outside of Germany do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly forward you to the appropiate Sonoscape distribution partner.

The HD-500 System Series

The HD-500 Series won the Frost & Sullivan Award for productinnovation for the endoscopy market. It is our recommendation for the clinic use and private practices. The key features of the system include:


  • 1080p HD-Image with 60 Fps
  • VIST - Chromoendoscopictechnology
  • Integrated Patientdocumentation and/or dicomcompability
  • Structure and Contoureimprovment
  • Huge variety of Endoscope types
  • Xenon Lightsource

The HD-350 System Series

Directly designed for the private practice the HD-350 series defines the technical standard for the valuemarket. High quality for a reasonable price with the key features ofs:

  • HD Endoscopy
  • LED Lightsource
  • Full compability of endoscopes with the HD-350 and HD-500 processor