Capital Equipment

The WASH:MASTER series – part of the process

The ENDO-TECHNIK WASH:MASTER brand stands for an endoscope washing machine system with a high technical quality
standard and a long using time durability. The systems are especially designed for fl exible and endoscopes of all manufacturers
for the use in doctor’s practices and hospitals.

Due to the flexibility of these machines they can rinsing and disinfect with cold processes in a multishot mode. A permanent
leakage test during the complete rework cycle saves the endoscopes additionally for expensive service repairs. One of the major
advantages of the WASH:MASTER series is the economical use of water- and detergent quantities.

Advantages of automated reprocessors

  • Standardization of Endoscopic reprocessing
  • Healthier processes for Health Care Workers through
  • reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Reduction of staff time spent on reprocessing
  • Automatic documentation of each endoscope reprocessed
  • Consistent methods for reprocessing enhances measurements
  • and results for effective high level disinfection
  • Self-disinfection of the reprocessor further improves turn
  • around time and high level disinfection
  • Automatic Leak-Testing saves time and ensures no liquid
  • penetration will occur during a reprocessing cycle.
  • The cost to replace an endoscope is signifi cantly higher than
  • the cost of a quality and reliable automated leak tester like the LEAKAGE:MASTER.

Wash:Master Classic

Wash-Master Classic Grey
  • Neutralisation selection 1x/2x
  • Automatic cleaning dosage
  • All fl uid disinfectant usable
  •  Automatic disinfection dosage
  • Rinsing selection 1x/2x
  • Reprocessing print out
  • Channel pressure monitoring
  • Channel flow monitoring
  • Datamax Printer / PCL
  • Level monitoring water tank
  • Level monitoring disinfection mixture tank
  • Level monitoring disinfection tank
  • Level monitoring cleaning tank
  • Password protected and patient code
  • Multi shot
  • Integrated Leakage-Tester
  • Endoscope administration
  • Self disinfection adjustable
  • User administration

WASH:MASTER classic duo

Wash-Master Classic Grey DUO
The proven WASH:MASTER classic for the synchronous or asynchronous preparation of two endoscopes at the same time.


WASH-Master Eco
  •  Rinsing selection 1x/2x
  •  Disinfection
  •  Channel pressure monitoring
  •  Multi shot
  •  Cleaning control by time
  •  Neutralisation
  •  Self disinfection
  •  Integrated Leakage-Tester


WASH-Master Eco Duo
The WASH:MASTER eco for the synchronous or asynchronous preparation of two endoscopes at the same time

DRY:MASTER advanced

Dry-Master advanced

The new, modular DRY:MASTER is a drying and storage system using proven technology in conjunction with enhanced functionality to continue the tradition of its worthy predecessors. The DRY:MASTER cabinets are available as two series, depending on customers' requirements and budget. Each model can be extended and upgraded with ease. The outstanding functionality of the DRY:MASTER is in its safe, easy-to-use and hygienic storage capability for flexible endoscopes. The DRY:MASTER adheres in every respect to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and, as a result, features as standard a suspended endoscope hanging system as the preferred solution. Storing endoscopes in a suspended manner ensures the residual fluids can
drain safely into an easy-to-empty collecting tray.


  •  Practical, modular construction
  •  Available in two series (eco, advanced)
  •  Large-format glass doors for at-a-glance checks
  •  No external medical air supplies required
  •  Maximum possible safety levels thanks to validated process
  •  Electronic documentation of all parameters
  •  High level of protection through user name & password, emergency stop



Technical specifications

  •  Four, eight or sixteen endoscope hangers
  •  Weight: 126 kg (4 holders) 250 kg (8 holders), 425 kg (16 holders)
  •  Working pressure: 175 – 275 mbar
  •  Electrical safety: EMC to EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-1-2
  •  Operating conditions: ambient temperature: 10°C - 35°C
  •  Operating conditions: air humidity: max 70%
  •  Millipore filter (OPTICAP XL2 W / Aervent-2, 0.2 μm)
  •  One sterile gas strainer for each holder (Pall ORO1H, 0.2 μm)
  •  Product safety in compliance with EN 61019-1
  •  Electrical power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • 4-fold eco 3,15 A / 375 VA, 8-fold eco 6,3 A / 900 VA, 16-fold eco 6,3 A / 925 VA, 4-fold advanced 3,15 A / 375 VA, 8-fold advanced 6,3 A / 925 VA, 16-fold advanced 6,3 A / 990 VA


Hygienic, comfortable and efficient
Medical products have to be transportet in a fitting transportation system. This is also recommended by the commision for hospitalhygiene and infectioncontrol of the Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI). The Scope:Porter has specificly designed tray to store flexible Endosopes, even long coloscopes. The tray also functions as a reservoir for remaining fluids in the endocscope.
The Scope:Porter can fit up to six trays. With the Porter you also transport the reprocessed endoscopes save and comforable to the examation rooms, and back for reprocessing after the procedure. Even fully loaded the Scope:Porter is easy to navigate, tight corridors or small doors are no problem to pass.
Scope Porter Grey


  • for transportation of six endoscopes incl. 100 Scope:Cover
  • HxWxD: 1160mm X 830mm x 690mm

SCOPE:PORTER mini (7316-P00)

  • for transportation of seven endoscopes incl. 100 Scope:Cover Mini
  • HxWxD: 1140mm x 670mm x 570mm
Scope Porter Grey

SCOPE:TRUCK (7306-T00)

  • for transportation of six endoscopes incl. 100 Scope:Cover
  • HxWxD: 1290mm x 870mm x 850mm


The clean solution
The tray should be equipped with a Scope:Cover, that consists of a green bag and a red sheet for the differentiation of desinfected and contaminaed endoscopes. The green bag is clearly marked with "CLEAN", the red sheet with "CONTAMINATED".
After the reprocessed endoscope is put into the tray, the tray is covered with the green bad. A contaminated endoscops is put into the green bag, the bag then placed in the tray and the tray gets covered witt the red sheet. Both trays are fitted securely in the Scope:Porter.


  • 200 pcs. Scope:Cover
  • For Scope:Porter and Scope:Truck


  • 200 pcs. Scope:Cover Mini
  • For Scope:Porter Mini
Holder Bag


Holder:Bag green

Protective sheet for the Scope:Porter Mini for flexible Endoscopes. Transparent with green wording for clean.


Holder:Bag red

Protective sheet for the Scope:Porter Mini for flexible Endoscopes. Transparent with red wording for contamitated.


100 pcs.